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O-SO-MUCH BETTER than a BEAN BAG! AND... Banana Chairs!

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Plato's Pillows, the most cushy comfy poof chair pillows anywhere

Plato's Original Pillows, Since the 60's

 Plato's Pillows... As we remember, nobody is sure the exact time we began making our Poof Pillows. Regardless, it's been copied and imitated over the years. We're OK with that, imitation is the highest indication that we did good! Here we are, still the original... and the best. Things change and progress, as have we. Always the most important issue is quality and durability. Style and comfort and in today's economy, price is a bonus. Of course, we still make banana chairs as well. Still the best and most affordable. Compare our price and quality. Make us prove it! WE'RE STILL THE COOLEST! Groovy, Man!

Our Banana Chairs, and our attack dog... Peaches

Banana Chairs

 Banana Chairs! You've been looking all over the world, haven't you? Well you're in luck! We still make the original Banana Chairs right here in Salt Lake City! Custom covers, any color, even sport logos. They've been called TV chairs, gaming chairs, video rockers, Swing Low was first. Compact and easy to move or hide away for later. Banana Chairs! YAY!

GO UTES! Banana Chair or Plato's Pillow, either way, the best ever!

Committed to Quality

Cozy, Comfortable, each built by hand here in Salt Lake City. We have Plato's Pillows, the world famous Poof Pillow Chairs and Banana Chairs, otherwise known as gaming chairs, that have been in our home for 30 years! Still the best! The pillows have an inner liner filled with chopped foam and an outer cover, usually machine washable.  

Plato's Famous Poof Pillows! Often imitated but NEVER duplicated! These are not "somethin sacs" or "somebody's bags". Don't settle for copies, Get the coolest, comfy-est, original poof pillow chair. Plato's Pillows, since the 60's...

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Plato's Pillows, a division of Kanell's Furniture

711 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, us

(801) 355-8000


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